What is My Giving Story?
A campaign for people to inspire others to give from their own giving story.
Why is this campaign important?
With the campaign we want to contribute to a more generous society in which everyone give to the causes they defend.
How can I join?
Access the fom at "SEND YOUR STORY", fill up all required data and send also a photo. You can also record a video or audio with your testimonial and send more photos.
Do I have to pay anything?
No, registration is free of charge.
Can I share more than one story?
Share your giving story, the remarkable one, that will inspire others.
In which formats can I share my story?
Stories should be told in words and you have to send at least one image to illustrate it in our portal. Audio, video and more images are optional to send.
What is mandatory when sharing my story?
You need to fill up the form with your name and e-mail (it won't be published), the history with up to 1,000 letters and your photo for us to publish.
Do I have to write about giving money or any other resource?
It can be any kind of donation as long as it is for a cause.
The story has to be giving to non-profits or can it be about giving to others?
The story can be about any king of giving.
Can I tell my company giving story or should it be a personal story?
We are looking for story of individuals such as you. Se you represent a company, identify your employees stories that they would be willing to share.
What's the relation between Minha História de Doação and #diadedoar?
Minha História de Doação is a campaign promoted by #diadedoar
Does it have to be a story that happened on #diadedoar or any other date?
It can be a story happened in any date or moment of your life.
What's the relation with the campaign #MyGivingStory in the USA?
Minha Historia de Doação is inspired in the #MyGivingStory, in USA.
Will my story and my data be shared on social media?
Only your story, name and photo will be shared on this website and social media of Minha História de Doação and #diadedoar.
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